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About us

Doumo is a product team with a strong engineering culture. We are building a SaaS platform - all-in-one tool that helps our clients develop their businesses around the world.

Our platform allows small and medium-sized businesses dealing with taxes, finance and accounting, to automate workflows. Using our platform, companies can manage internal tasks, as well as communicate with their customers, exchanging messages and documents, invoicing and accepting payments.

Thousands of accounting firms in the US, Canada and EU are our clients, with more than 1,000,000 active users in different countries all over the world.

We place special importance on customer feedback. It is important for us to see the final result of our work!

About The Team

Our product is implemented for the web, desktop and mobile versions, which allows you to use it on any device. Our Technology stack is: Ruby on Rails (6+), Postgresql; React, Redux, Typescript on the frontend; Flutter for our mobile app; Docker, AWS infrastructure, k8s. 

Our founders, customer success and support are located in the US and Europe. Our technical team consists of more than 90 people: developers, QA engineers, designers and product managers. We work in small teams (7-8 people in each one) according to the Kanban methodology - continuous flow of tasks in the backlog. 

We have a flexible schedule and a remote-first approach: our employees can live and work wherever they feel comfortable. Our processes are transparent and comfortable and they really work.

Our Engineering Culture

We are an engineering-first company, so the quality of development is above speed. We also pay a lot of attention to the quality of code so that a new employee can understand the codebase easily. We implement such practices as pair programming, double code reviews, and we often organize internal reports on various technical topics.

We have a culture of sharing experience and knowledge: if you want to share your expertise with others, you can become a mentor of one of the training programs within the team or conduct a cracker for colleagues on any topic of interest.

Four times a year at performance review we help each other to become better: we discuss our achievements and failures over the past period and give feedback to colleagues on the results of joint work. Openness in discussing difficulties helps us analyze what works inefficiently.

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