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Recruitment Process

We are always open to communication with specialists of middle/senior levels for the position of Ruby on Rails developers, frontend developers on React.js, Typescript, as well as Flutter developers, QA engineers, designers and products.

We do not conduct multi-stage interviews: there are 3 steps in our hiring process.

First call with HR.

We try to tell as much as possible about ourselves: our product, processes and working conditions. We also ask candidates some questions about their experience and technical skills. And at the end of the meeting, we usually conduct a small technical screening.

Technical interview.

We normally conduct this interview with two current employees. Not less, so as to avoid subjective evaluation errors and no more, so as not to create a "crowd effect" and unnecessary stress for the candidate.We try to structure the interview as a dialogue. Therefore, we expect the candidate to think aloud. This helps to make the interview a conversation rather than a question-and-answer session.

Decision Time.

We strive to give feedback as quickly as possible. Sometimes we need extra time to discuss the decision within the team. If a candidate has internal deadlines, they can voice them and we will take the information into consideration. At this step we offer the finalists communication with the CTO or the founders.

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